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I make art because I have to. It is not a choice, but as necessary as air. It has been this way since I was a child, sprawled out on the floor with pencil in hand (coincidentally, the way I still often work). I create because it is therapeutic, meditative, and cathartic.


I believe art becomes universal when it is created with the intent to connect with people from all walks of life. A well-lived life is one that has touched and been touch by many different people with many points of view. As artists, we see the world in a way that is completely unique - finding connections between disparate things and finding value in parts of life that are often overlooked.


I work primarily in clay and oil paints, creating detailed works that explore space and depth. I strive to create ethereal environments, with clean and contrasting colors and graceful shapes. My work is heavily influenced by my interests as a child, including fairy tales and mythology, Disney animation, nature, fantasy, and witchcraft. Through art, I aim to share my experiences as a young woman in our society and my struggles with mental illness, to ultimately create elegant but spooky works that linger with viewers.


As writer Cesar A. Cruz said, "Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."


Then you should consider joining the Conspiracy of Strange Girls, an arts collective dedicated to the genesis and promotion of creative work by, for and about Strange Girls. This collective is open to all women, femme-identifying, non-binary or genderqueer people creating art dealing with the unusual, the unfamiliar or the mysterious. With over eighty members across a diverse spectrum of identities, they believe in building community, uplifting marginalized voices and showcasing creative work by folx who have historically been overlooked by patriarchal power structures embedded within the ‘art world’.


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